From 1979 to 1999, three generations of local choreographers have evolved to contribute to the development of modern dance in Hong Kong.


1. The First Generation of Choreographers

This generation includes eight choreographers viz Helen Lai, Willy Tsao, Sunny Pang, Miranda Chin, Delina Law, Yeung Chik-kuk, Florence Lui and Joseph Hung who were the major creative forces from 1979 to 1988. As the first generation of choreographer in Hong Kong, they’ve created the kind of modern dance from zero while taking the responsibility of educating and cultivating the audience. Then the Hong Kong dance community had almost no idea of modern dance. But these choreographers managed to introduce modern dance into Hong Kong. Most of this first generation of choreographers received their training outside Hong Kong but worked out their styles and directions in Hong Kong where they taught dancing and opened dance schools.


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